An optional cache prefix for ratelimit keys (in addition to the PREFIX value defined on the cache backend). Defaults to 'rl:'.


An optional functionion to overide the default hashing algorithm used to derive the cache key. Defaults to 'hashlib.sha256'.


Set to False to disable rate-limiting across the board. Defaults to True.

May be useful during tests with Django’s override_settings() testing tool, for example:

from django.test import override_settings

with override_settings(RATELIMIT_ENABLE=False):
    result = call_the_view()



django_ratelimit requires a Django cache backend that supports atomic increment operations. The Memcached and Redis backends do, but the database backend does not.

The name of the cache (from the CACHES dict) to use. Defaults to 'default'.


The string import path to a view to use when a request is ratelimited, in conjunction with RatelimitMiddleware, e.g. 'myapp.views.ratelimited'. Has no default - you must set this to use RatelimitMiddleware.


Whether to allow requests when the cache backend fails. Defaults to False.


Set the source of the client IP address in the request.META object. Defaults to None.

There are several potential values:

Use request.META['REMOTE_ADDR'] as the source of the client IP address.
A callable object
If set to a callable, the callable will be passed the full request object. The callable must return the client IP address. For example: RATELIMIT_IP_META_KEY = lambda r: r.META['HTTP_X_CLIENT_IP']
A dotted path to a callable
Any string containing a . will be treated as a dotted path to a callable, which will be imported and called on the request object, as above.
Any other string
Any other string will be treated as a key for the request.META object, e.g. RATELIMIT_IP_META_KEY = 'HTTP_X_REAL_IP'


IPv4 mask for IP-based rate limit. Defaults to 32 (which is no masking)


IPv6 mask for IP-based rate limit. Defaults to 64 (which mask the last 64 bits). Typical end site IPv6 assignment are from /48 to /64.


A custom exception class, or a dotted path to a custom exception class, that will be raised by ratelimit when a limit is exceeded and block=True.